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Large school/city

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Have Large City and School Orders I Need Help With

Hello, needing some advice as to what might be a good way to fullfil large orders for schools and cities where the orders consist of alot of design and sponsor changes.

One school needs 500 t-shirts for a promotional program, however these orders have 10 changes in artwork because of different sponsors.

We are a large format digital printing co. In addition, we pad print and laser engrave. We are heavy in vehicle wraps,and also do banners, flags, signs. We supply schools with mini footballs, trophies, plaques, full sized leather footballs and basketballs along with static clings, portraits, event themes, etc, etc.

We never intended to expand into shirts and uniforms but simply got tired of passing on alot of work especially when we were being asked if we could recommend anyone to them.

We now have all of the equippment to produce shirts on a respectible level. 42" epson w.sub ink, smaller 1400 epson, roland versa camm vp540, 60" hot oil drum heat press (will receive 11/11),
7 heat presses(5 - 16x20 manual and one 16x20 dual shuttle air model, and a multi station rotory press). We are not going to get silk screen equippment because of a promise I made.(and we have enough going on).

We went to Atlanta for ideas and came back with alot info and samples. But still unclear of which way to go.

Do I use silk screen transfer or will I get eatin alive with plate charges because of the many changes.
Sublimation is too expensive - these are giveaways and are cotton. Tried image clip but we are not getting it completely right.The samples i brought home from the show transfer perfectly. JPSS duracotton, cut contoured vinyl, felt, twill, we have it all in stock now due to trying everything. we have the machines for anything just REALLY need some experienced advice.

I know this will all seem rediculous soon but it sure isn't funny now.

I have a very competent staff and they have been patient but frustrated in this learning curve.


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