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I run a small t-shirt business in which I employ block printing as my design application technique. Knowing this, a local optometrist has hired me out to create block printed fabric with which she will reupholster some furniture in her office. After creating a handful of samples (none of which she has been completely thrilled with… even after applying her prescribed adjustments) it has come to my attention that my work is not what she exactly had in mind.

I'm thinking she would benefit from a large format screen printer. So, I've been in search of one that would be able to accommodate this job but it has proven difficult.

I found a facility (designerprints.net) that would be able to do the job, but they're in New York. Is there a place like that on the west coast? (I'm based out of Orange County)

description of the job in question:

3 color “glasses frames” motif (light gray, dark gray and red) on 30 yards (60' width) of black brushed denim which she would provide

Your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts