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Large Designs

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I have been screenprinting designs that I make on the computer, and then print out onto transparencies. The problem is that the transparencies are only 8.5 x 11, and I want large designs that go over the shoulders, much like the tapout shirts (For example TapouT T-Shirt - Skull Toga Black only $27.95 - TapouT Clothing, Apparel & Tap ouT Gear)

Is there any way to do this other than breaking my designs up, printing out several transparencies and piecing them all back together again on the screen before I burn it? Also, what is the best method for printing on parts of the shirt such as the shoulders, around the side, etc.?
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I use vellum for my printouts. I am only using 11x17 as of now till i get a larger format printer. But they make vellum in larger sizes, maybe you can pick soem of that up and give it a try.
Take your artwork to a repro house, they will have the proper equipment and supplies to do a large transparency printout.
Would legal sized film work for you? If not, and the design is not real detailed copy it into Excel. Click a cell to highlight that cell and then paste. It will automatically put the whole design in and then you can print it off and tape the films together.

Will only work on designs that are not very detailed though.

Good Luck!
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Thanks, thats a great idea, I bet it works well to get everything lined up when you tile all the transparencies back together, I can't wait to give it a shot!
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