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After much researching on the best ladies' blanks in terms of overall cost, thickness, smoothness and cut, I decided to order 1 of each, the Anvil 880, 780L and NextLevel 3900.

I ordered Medium sizes, White color for all three.

Anvil 880
4.5 OZ, 100% ring-spun. Nice soft and smooth feel when I use my hand to touch it all over. It's pretty thin and somewhat seen-through, but very comfortable to wear. Both this and the 780L has a boxy cut from the armpit all the way down to the bottom of the t-shirt. The neck opening / neckline for both the Anvil t-shirts are kinda smaller and higher compared to the NL 3900.

I'm a guy (5"5, 136 lbs) and I tried this ladies t-shirt on, and it actually fits me very well, the sides are a bit loose. Very comfortable and airy.

I'm not sure how this would fit on an adult western woman who's about my build or taller (since the average western woman is way taller and meatier than me at 5"5), but I would say it leaves a bit of room for cases where the woman orders too small. In other words, this is pretty true to size, although I would still encourage the buyer to order 1 size up in case, and especially I heard Anvil t-shirts will shrink (I haven't washed it yet).

Anvil 780L
5.4 OZ, pre-shrunk 100% ringspun cotton, 24 singles.

Obviously, due to it's 5.4 OZ stats, this one is considerably thicker than the other 2. Initially, I thought 24 singles would mean the material is very coarse and rough, but surprisingly, it's actually as smooth as the other 2. It also feels very soft to touch (ringspun cotton).

Cut wise, it has the same boxy cut as the 880. One thing is that, due to it being thicker, upon wearing it, I can feel the heat setting in (feels stuffy). It's not as comfortable to wear as the other 2 though.

The name for the 780L is "Ladies' Midweight Mid-Scoop T-Shirt", but upon inspecting the neckline, it just looks normal to me, not sure what they mean by "mid-scoop".

NextLevel 3900 (Ladies' Boyfriend T-Shirt)
32 singles, 4.3 oz. 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey

I always hear people raving about NextLevel apparel, so I wanted to see if it's something that would shatter the heavens.
This item (with shipping) costs about US$26 to be shipped to my country, costing much more than the other 2 combined.

All 3 t-shirts I ordered have tear-away labels, which is what I'm seeking, but while the Anvil ones can be easily torn away, the NL label requires a bit of strength to yank it off.

Though the specs say "100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey", the smoothness feels the same as the Anvil 880. But it does have a bit of "elasticity" to it. Meaning after I've worn the t-shirt and I pull the bottom of the t-shirt down and then release my pull, the t-shirt will spring back up to my chest (something like a rubber band) LOL

This one is also very thin, like the 880, thus feeling very airy and soft when you wear it.

One thing to note: between this and the 880, upon looking at the fabric close-up, the fabric is finer than the 880. With the 880, when I put the fabric near my eye, I can see tiny "holes" caused by the gaps of the weave, this is not visible unless you did what I did.
Based on this, I can say the NL 3900 has a slightly closer weave.

Cut-wise, the biggest difference between this and the Anvil onee is that the NL 3900 has a narrower cut from the armpit down to the bottom.
When I wear it, it wraps around my body tightly, so one would need to order 2 sizes up.
I probably need to ask my printer for advice as I don't want too many returns!

As advertised, this one is definitely more of a fashion fit for the younger ladies. The cutting looks really good.

While both this and the 880 are almost equally thin, the 3900 has a more "solid" construction feel to it when you wear it (slightly less cheap feel).


Most likely I'll go with the Anvil 880. I like the NL 3900 but the small sizing is putting me off and yes, I agree with other reviewers online that it's really more for teenage girls and ladies under 21. That's why it's called the Boyfriends' T-shirt.
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