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Hey everybody. My name is Kyle and I have teamed up with a friend of my name Shawn.

He came up with a concept called brand new clothing. Our Mission Statement is Overcoming Adversity and Limitations to become BrandNew.

I am the right hand man I bounce ideas and help out with almost everything. My main objective though is to run business operations, we have done much of the foundation. However, we are always listening and learning on this forum, and would love to help others dreams.

Our website is Bnccompany.com
FB: WWW.Facebook.com/Brandnewclothingcompany

I would love to hear from everybody on this forum, I am a young college student trying to make big strides in this place called Earth. :D

Any clothing stores/distributors/fellow entrepreneurs/mentors/ or anybody that needs help or wants to help.

Email me at [email protected]

Thank you,
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