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lets discuss kothari print pro with dtg m2
which profile settings is best for printing on dark tshirts ?

I am printing for marvel tshirts but i am facing few color issues and cost goes up as i have to use more white underbase.

Currently using

adobe 1998 - rgb

kothari personalised default saved - cmyk

rest all default

have tried colormatch also but not much of change.

Also white underbase are so much tht it comes out of color print in form of spots.

Hope seeing all profile will get some ideas.

Thanks hemen.

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I have this piece of **** RIP as well. make your own profile...

Try this...

black tees: 90% white, 85% highlight for 1st pass at 720x720 variable/medium/medium. Colour: 720x720 variable/medium/heavy.

The default settings are abysmal! if you have time to spare you can change the settings to 1440 on 4 pass for white at variable/medium/medium. but you almost double the print time. white spots/flecks when heat pressed is from too much white being put down. i find that an almost bright grey 1st pass is best. if your white 1st pass is brilliant white and almost glossy, then you're wasting white and getting bad results. More white does not mean a better colour pass! dont ever use the Colour Boost as well...its useless and just darkens colours.

For want of a better description..you want to be able to see the weave of the tshirt for the white pass, if its just a white block then dial back the white a lot.

Have a try at that...burn some tees in testing. you can actually get decent prints with kothari but you need to test a lot. remember that a tshirt has 2 sides :) test on each.

also...a good pre-treat and its application are needed! don't scrimp on the PT :)

good luck
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