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Hey there, guys - sadly, we have made the decision to sell our Kornit after losing some of our more important clients (they couldn't deal with the downtime). This leaves me with a LOT of ink and such, which I purchased from Hirsch a few weeks ago, in anticipation of getting back to work full steam. As things have now changed, I would like to try and avoid taking THAT as a loss, as well.

If anybody is interested in the following, I would like to try and sell it all, together:

34 bottles of assorted inks (4-6 bottles per color): $20 / ea.
9 bottles of v201 fixation: $15 / ea.
2 packages of lint free wipes: $25 / ea.

Total: $905

You will notice that I am selling everything below cost, just to get rid of it asap! I will even drive the supplies to your shop, if you are within an hour of me. Otherwise, I will split the cost of standard shipping with you.
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