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Kornit doesn't print

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Hi and respect to every kornit user :)

yesterday my kornit gaved me a new challange. Everything works fine but the print heads don't print the image on the garment. even noozle test can't been seen on garment.

We have motion but don't have the product. Purge and wipe is working, spitting is working.

I have cheked all com ports all connections. computer comunicates with machine all ports responds.

where could be the problem, maybe somebody had the same problem. I would be glad to hear some versions or solutions

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Hello from Slovenia!

I have just encountered the same exact problem with my Kornit Thunder and, while I'm waiting for Kornit people to give me some feedback, I wanted to ask you whether you have solved this mistery and, of corse, how?

Thanks for any kind of answer!

Check the (board) behind the print head carriage ! i hope you understand where to look. I had some burned spot on it and we had to replace it.

Hope you have some small problem.
that's what I guess, but I don't know what's wrong with ur machine.
print image or nozzle test is using pizeo method to make ink print.
printheads motion, purge and wipe, spit work, but these are nothing concerned with print.
check the panel behind the machine and take a look at the signal light.
maybe there's a circuit breaker off.

that's what I guess. hope everything's fine with ur machine.
Thank you very muchfor your speedy responses. I have no idea wether we have permanently removed the problem by cleaning again the encoder stripes. At this moment it's working fine :D But I'm still waiting for instructions from Kornit people to maybe do some additional check-ups, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks again!
I have the same problem with my VersaCamm BN20.

Please advise
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