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Hi All,

We have a new Kornit Breeze,

We are looking to sort our prices out and i was wondering anyone else who has this machine, what they charge etc?

Just looking on rough guidelines,

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Hi Daniel

Which prices are you looking for?

We are in UK too.

Where are you based?


We are based in the east midlands,

and just basic guide prices on how much to charge per print-

for example a basic gildan tee with a L/B print or anything, just some guidelines -


We don't really do corporate work as we an online retailer - so I'm not sure how much help we can be on pricing.

However your true costs are likely to be:

Ink and consumables for a white Tee - 10p - 30p
Ink and consumables on a dark Tee - 30p - £1.20p

Electricity for drying 12p assuming an Adelco dryer and runs of 30+ (because of warm up and cool down time)

Labour Cost = Hourly rate divided by 14-20 garments an hour depending on design

Based on the costs for maintenance proposed by Kornit in the UK you also need to add a further £8750.00 per annum divided by the shirt numbers per year. So if you print 10,000 then it will add a further 87p to your shirt cost. If you think that's unrealistic then contact me as we are trying canvass opinions to respond to Kornit

Hope that helps

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