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I am selling a Kodiak 6/6 manual press. I bought it brand new as a second machine in March 2008 when I was starting to get busy but I never used it a lot. It has very little use. I paid about $3400 plus $150 crating charges for the package and would like to try and about $3000 out of it and I am also open to reasonable offers.

It has:
Sure-Lock Micro Registration
Adjustable Screen Tension Hold Down
Dual Bearing Registration
Durable Finish

It also has the hat hold down attachment on it but does not have the hat press. That can be purchased through Kodiak.

This unit when put together is 92 inches diameter which is perfect for a small shop which is why I purchased it. Reason for selling is lack of use and it is taking up space. We are not busy enough anymore for a 2nd machine. Email me if you have any questions. [email protected]


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