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knockmeoutblack cause greyish color

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So one of the biggest issues I have been having is with printing images using the knockmeoutblack. I have wasted many shirts trying different setting with horrible results. Colors generally look fine but its the light underbase where the rip is trying to fade that ends up looking like a grey muck.

What im using and settings:
1440 HS CMYK
1440 HS underbase
UB Strength - 14
knockmeoutblack - 64

I have tried different settings for both UB strength and KMOB. If i turn off KMOB then it will print the black just without the UB which looks bad in itself.

Attached is the printed image and the original image.

For those of using EZRIP what setting are you using for your black images that require the fading.

My normal prints that are just solid look great and I don't have an issue with them. Since the beginning I have not been able to get the prints I want faded to look right.

These images and prints are not for customers, I merely try to test print as I have yet to get it to look good.


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Try unchecking the "highlight white" box. That might eliminate that "gray" layer.
Nope I'll post some pics later

Still messing with stuff

Not overly important as I don't print these kind of things on black for customers. It is mostly for my own amusement and learning. Only able to do it when I have excess shirts to print on

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I hear you. I'm still working the kinks out for those types of images. I got a bunch fixed with taking out the highlight white. Now just need to figure out that haze myself.
There's always the old school method of underbasing. Bringing two of the same image. One with a black background and one with a white background then applying an underbase to them together in fast artist or EZ artist. This helps with images that fade.
Is there a more detailed description way of doing this? I am interested.
Is there a more detailed description way of doing this? I am interested.
Sorry about that. I have posted the steps several times over the years. The steps will work on both Fast Artist and Ez Artist. Here are the steps from my post.


We used this method to underbase many years ago back at US Screen Print before the software was capable of accepting files with transparencies. I also want to note that if you have a file like metalbone that has a black background you can use the knockmeoutblack and then save a jpg with a white background and a second one with a black background. You can also try using the transparency underbase method in Artist in the window that pops up when you import an image with a transparency. Adjusting the Gamma Adjustment in that window will also give you softer edges.

Let me know if you have any questions on this.
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I will take a look and give this a run. I appreciate you taking the time to post it!
I will take a look and give this a run. I appreciate you taking the time to post it!
No problem. Always here to help out.:)
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