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What is the easiest way to knock a color in corel drawX5? I have a black background I'm trying to rid myself of.... I'm a trial by error type of guy and errored a lot today :(
Is the image a vector file or a raster image. If its vector at the top go to layout >page background and choose no background. Or it may be an object and if the file has been grouped you can do 2 ways. Select all and ungroup then select object and delete. Or go to top window open object manager then click on any of the curves that are solid black till the object you want to delete has the handles around it and delete. If it raster( jpeg,bitmap ,tiff,png) you would need to open photo paint but I do all my raster work in Photoshop so I really can't help if it a raster image
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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