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Hello, I have purchased a zing zuter directry from KNKUSA, I have seen
your videos in the youtube and was thinking
that the machine is worth buying.

Maybe the pre-production machines were made OK but the normal ones are crap.
I have payed to KNKUSA, 399$ for Zing and 330.52$ to ship it to my
country in Europe.

We are a computer automation company that was hoping to use Zing to
cut paper and other materials to build 3D models. However out machine
was not working when it arrived. Having payed 330.52$ shipping we re
not going to send it back, as the price is crazy.

The cutter was not even starting when we got it, the metal shavings must have been interfering with electronics so since there were not :warranty void" stickers decided to open the machine, maybe some connector got dislodged during shipping and behold what we found!

We opened the Zing removing 6 screws on the bottom, IT WAS AMAZING WHAT WE SO:

- Sharp metal shavings were everywhere, they were from screw threads
that was threaded to aluminum profiles that make Zing chassis.
Since the shavings are very small they can enter bearing cause
premature failure, can cause short circuit in electronics etc.
We used compressed air and the zing started to power up, however

- We so that Aluminum profiles that make Zing chassis are uneven
length, the machine does stand flat on table and does not cut straight
- We so that Zing cutter head belt is not straight, it is noname belt
(no markings) not like in your videos on youtube.
- The cutter head motor is mounted on a not 90 degree mounting bracked.
- The cutter head motor pulled is not straight, top part of the pulley
is misaligned
- Threading quality is horrible, bolts are loose or spin endlessly
when tightened.
- The metal panels that make the sides of the zing are warped, bent,
they are made from soft metal that can easily deform.
- The 3 bad bearing on the cutter head.
- other minor defects

So believing what I read on KNK webside

"With over 30 years of experience, Accugraphics used their knowledge
to develop a new product that
incorporates the newest electronics with quieter motors, faster
speeds, higher force and the widest cutting
area of any cutter in its class."

I sent them photos and a request to send me a new Zing or to return my
money back.

The KNKUSA pretend they do not see anything wrong in the photos !!!!

The KNKUSA refuse to stand behind their products, given the fact that
this is clearly factory defect, and that this was international order
it was KNKUSA responsibility to check the Zing cutter prior to
shipping. They did not do this. They refuse to refund my account for
the price of KNKZING, or to send me a working unit.

Email correspondence:

When I noticed the problem Jan 11, 2012 I contacted [email protected]ACCugraphics.co and sent all the photos and description:
got reply only at January 24, 2012 that my email was forwarded to [email protected]ACCugraphics.co

Yes 13 days to forward an email how hilarious !!!

Feb 2, 2012 the [email protected]ACCugraphics.co writes:

>I am told there are scratches all over the machine ….I assure you that we never send damaged machines out the door .
>Maybe customs agents took the machine out and caused the scratches.

Hello what scraches are you blind ? And you can't read!?

My reply was:

There are two main problems:

1. Metal shavings inside zing cutter machine. They are everywhere.
even on bearing on the stepper motors. I was unable to clean them
entirely 100% so the machine can fail any time it get short circuited.

2. The metal parts are made not up to specifications, they are bent,
not at 90 degree angle, not straight etc. The whole Zing cutter is not
standing flat on a table, one of the side is higher than the other
because parts are dent ect.

The metal shavings interfered with electronics, the unit did not even
power up when I received it.
After paying nearly the same cost as the machine itself for shipping I
expected you to check the machine prior to shipping because I can't
send it back due to high cost.

I need you to:

1. remove the back cover on any other ZING machine by removing 6
screws and plastic sides and make photos like the ones in my PDF

I would like to see sharp and in good lighting these photos:

1. Is there any metal dust after threading
2. How does the threading quality looks like (photograph threads like in my PFD)
3. How does the belt look like mine is noname (no markings, not
straight belt). On youtube videos I see belt on the zing made by suma
brand, so mine is a noname why???
4. Put a metal straight edge on the metal sides that hold plastic
parts of the machine like in my photos are they straight?
5. The motor that holds the belt is in metal 90 degree part that is
actually not 90 degree, so I would like you to check this with a
square tool on your machine.

There are no scratches, there is metal dust (shavings) inside! left
after threading in the factory the bolt holes in aluminum profiles
that make the chassis of the zing. This dust interferes with
electronics (short circuit), can get inside bearings of the motors

Therefore on our Zing there are no good parts ! We cleaned most of the
shavings but they are very small and it seems they found a way into
the motors too.

> Maybe customs agents took the machine out and caused the scratches.

No the machine was packed inside a bad that was not opened.

> All of this said we are here to help ,so please tell us what is the specific
> issue so we can get to the bottom of the issue and get you operational.

If your machine that you check and send me photos of is indeed good we
would like you to ship us new working Zing at your expense, you can
specify low price like 20$ so we would not have to pay customs taxes

1. clean
2. and up to specifications (no bend parts, 90 degree parts are really
90 degree)
3. edges are not sharp
4. the length of the 3 aluminum profiles that make chassis of the zing
is the same length
(easy way to check: take 2 metal rulers 30cm each, take some
doublesided sticky tape and place one ruler on the zing, another ruler
on another size of the zing, use the double sided tape to stick the
rulers together. Now move the sticked rulers inside the machine, the
distance should be the same on the inside of the zing)
5. Also check the height of the cutter head, our machine had different
height one side than the other.

Otherwise if other zing machines have the same problems there is no
point in you shipping us a new Zing machine.

Feb 8, 2012 I write to [email protected]ACCugraphics.co

Hello, it's been 5 days since I got a reply from you.

Did you make photos, check quality of other Zing machines as I requested?
I would like to see the photos if the quality of other machines is OK?

Will KNKUSA replace my Zing machine with working one?
Else will KNKUSA give me my money back?

Feb 8, 2012 [email protected]ACCugraphics.co writes:

>Yes we will replace your KNKZING .You must pay for the shipping as we told you in >the past.
>Alternative is tell us the part you may need and we can ship you that part.
>If there is any particulate in side the machine it will not affect the performance.
>This has been tested with the thousands of machines. The boards are shielded and >the particles are too small to have an affect.

Shielded from metal dust that should not be there? Do you see any shielding? Are you plaing dumb or ....?
Since KNKUSA does not respond to this problem I contacted their distributors to ask do they know what crap do they sell:

[email protected]SkatKatz.com.au

Both of them did not reply but instead forward my email to chad at [email protected]

Chad writes (or should I say is lying):

>We have now sent multiple Emails to try and come to an arrangement for you and >your zing.
>We have not received an answer. At this point,
>I'll gladly take any suggestions in regards to replacing / refunding you for your >machine.

I replied by simply writing:

Hello did you get my email?
You tell me you do no receive my emails when instead you do not reply !

So this is broken telephone or what? The comany KNKUSA is A SCAM!!!!
I wonder how their KNK MAXX 24" for 1,899.00 is selling, you can get a Roland 24 GX for that price come on peopple
do not trust your money to these lyers.


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Yeah, those appear to be some pretty rough manufacturing techniques. Looks like they cut parts out of stock aluminum with a hand held hack saw rather than a milling machine.

That should have never left the factory like that.

But, then again, you get what you pay for.
Thats no excuse to be manufacturing these in garage somewhere in china and selling as professional craft cutter.

I could not find anything else close to 750grams of force and not wider than 24", given the fact youtube video look fine, and the device cuts even balsa wood (remember advertised *** all metal parts), I never expected it to be made like you say "hand held hack saw rather than a milling machine"

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Hopefully you paid with a credit card, call your cardholder and start a dispute, you may get the charges reversed easily with the documentation you have
Yes I wanted to pay by creditcard, but [email protected]ACCugraphics.co said since this is international order I must pay by bank money transfer and as you know this is not reversible in any way. Looks like people from KNKUSA knows how to get money from international clients so that they could not get it back.

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So you feel that you were "tricked" by having to make a bank money transfer.
Yes they agreed to take credit card until they found out it will be international order.

Do you know how many international stolen credit cards are used everyday in the US? This is for the protection of the company.
If they don't trust their banks it's their problem.

If you clearly look at the website you will see several advertisements of how they ship within the US at a low price. Originally, it wasn't something they wanted to do internationally.
Sure in Europe shipping up to 10kg is ~30Eur too.

I see why now.

Again, your 3rd post about cutters and tearing into them

What is your deal???????
Nothing really, I just want to make sure no other international customer has to be parted with ~600$ and not have anything in return.

For others reading this take a look at what the Zing looks likes. Its not easy to get into this cutter its a minimal design with minimal buttons and mechanisms. Its easy to use and very fast.
It is as fast as any other cutter :)

All your pictures are just pictures, you already proven to us that you tampered with the cutter because you couldn't find a sticker. A warning sticker!! Seriously you need a sticker to stay don't touch or open.
If company chooses that certain goods are not user serviceable or they choose to invalidate warranty then they put a sticker to say so.

Do you have one on your stove? You didn't think "hey maybe i should check first"
Yes there is a sticker on my stove :)

Then you except to get your money back, money transfer or not. You are in for a rude awaking.
I accepted either way:

-Money back
-They send me working unit (I could arrange cheaper not USPS shipping by post etc. back to them but not 300$)
-They send me parts that needs to be replaced.

I hope these post get past on to every vinyl cutter dealer out there and you are black balled from every buying a new cutter.
You can keep dreaming.

Build your own and leave us alone. This information is not helpful to KNK or any other customer you took pictures that could have easily been tampered with.
Please explain how can I tamper with picture of this nature? Make them in 3D and spend how much time on all this?
Remember the cutter was bought for our company, we are not a typical mom, dad or your aunt crafter. We have no intentions to take something apart we payed 600$ for if it would work and would not cost 300$ to ship it back.

Do yourself a favor..OUTSOURCE!!
Why thank you for your suggestion.

24" wide??? Where is this coming from??
What you did not understand? I was looking for a cutter that is 24" or smaller and could handle 500-600 grams of force. Since KNK Zing was 750 grams 14" cut width it was within our budget of 1000$ and we decided to buy it. But as you see that was bad decision, who could of thought they make it with again not my words "Looks like they cut parts out of stock aluminum with a hand held hack saw rather than a milling machine."

Since KNK USA was contacted and they received same pictures hi resolution plus explanation on why the cutter was taken apart, what is wrong with the parts.

They either do not respond or say "> Maybe customs agents took the machine out and caused the scratches."
Come on blind people you sell the Zing and don't know it is in sealed plastic bag? How can somebody cause scratches if it is packed in sealed plastic bag? How can they be do dumb that they mistaken metal shavings for scratches?
What do you see on the tweezers on sticky tape scratches????? Give me a break.....

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*KNK MAXX 15″ (Refurbished) - KNKUSA.COM :: KNKUSA.COM

KNK MAXX 950g of cutting force and up to 600mm/sec cutting speed. 15"

*KNK Groove-e 13″ - KNKUSA.COM :: KNKUSA.COM

KNK e-Groove 950g of cutting force and up to 600mm/sec cutting speed. 13"

Free Upgrade from MAXX to EAGLE for $200 more

950g of cutting force and up to 600mm/sec cutting speed

I do not agree with your accusations of the Zing but a quick 5 mins on the KNK website I found some suitable cutters.
What words you did not understand:

for a cutter that is 24" or smaller and could handle 500-600 grams of force.

So what's your problem? KNK Zing was marketed as all metal, fast reliable cutter that can cut balsa wood. Nice videos on youtube etc.

Why I should spend 3 times more for KNK MAXX? I'm sure the Zing would be fine except the build quality is horrible, why you offer me something else when I chosen what I thought was good for the job.

Now if KNK USA would market it like this:

KNK Zing - made in china with a hand held hack saw instead of a milling machine, but cheap cutter only 399$ then perhaps I would buy KNK MAXX or anyting else.

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If Chad does any of these, its going to be a big thanks to you that other may experience more rigorous shipping practices.
What crap like this has a warranty in the first place? So why keep ignoring emails then?
Yes I hope chad not only sees this but many customers will avoid having any business with him in the future. And besides chad could explain here online why he never replied to my emails, why KNK USA never tried to see further than their pockets.

This is a non-standard customer complaint when something does not work in a cutter, this total fiasco for KNK USA and their cutters manufactured in china. No bloody soul shall pay 330$ for shipping something that can't be fixed.
All I know they can ask 330$ for return shipping totaling to 660$ both ways and send me crap like this pretending it is OK.

KNK USA never provided any photos or never replied that they actually have properly made cutters that they checked and compared to the photos I posted in this tread. Perhaps they are all blind ;/

Either they do not know what they sell (doubtful), and are afraid to tell the truth or the china manufacturer has very bad reputation. Either way no company should sell anything manufactured with uncleaned metal shavings inside and pretend they do not see any problems when a customer provided photos as proof. All I know I could get electrocuted when a short circuit occurs because of the metal shavings inside.

By the way if you are from KNK USA then say so, you are the only one defending KNK USA in this thread and it's purpose is not to make a post flood here.

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Hi Smilem,

I just want to clarify something. We always do our best to support our customers and make sure they are happy. If a customer were to receive a machine that is not working, typically, they call to let us know.
We opened zing because it was not even starting, turning on. From photos you can see that the zing was not dissembled at that time, we taken only side panels and top lid from the machine. We were looking for a loose connector that could happen during shipping.

I emailed [email protected]ACCugraphics.co the photos of problem. Instead of helpful reply we wait for 13 days for our email to be forwarded to your tech department, I doubt you're multi building company with hundreds of employees if you manufacture everything in china and do not even check / inspect what you sell for quality.

Anyone ordering outside of the US, would bear the responsibility of shipping. That did no happen, in this situation.
Well, I did not say "give my money back" - need the cutter to work, I purchased it not to be tampered with like you say.

I asked you to check if this is an isolated problem, or maybe a whole batch of units is effected with this problem. Instead you should say thanks if you are so shortsighted and do not inspect what you sell. We done the inspection for you without demanding any payment for doing so, we could not do the project's the zing was purchased for either.

You did not respond to my inquiry, you did not check other Zing units that you sell thousands of
every day


"Hello I have been passed on your emails from our support department.
Please let us know what specifically is not working with the machine so we can help you get in operation. All of our machines go through vigorous testing including a 24 hour burn in test as well as a shake test (machine shook) After sales of thousands of machines we rarely get complaints. We are happy to help. We will be happy to replace for no charge if you want to return it. We will help trouble shoot and send parts for free if you prefer not going through the cost of return. I am told there are scratches all over the machine ….I assure you that we never send damaged machines out the door . Maybe customs agents took the machine out and caused the scratches. "

How can anyone speak about customs agents causing scratches when the machines are sealed in a plastic bag?

How anyone mistaken metal dust with scratches form high quality multiple angle shot photos?

How can anyone selling thousands of machines every day would not simply replace a single unit of 399$ The reputation is more important for company even if it would cost way more to replace the unit.

If you like a company are not ready to ship to whole world and take responsibility for it then don't. Why sell and then hide by not replying to emails etc.

This is honestly the first time we have received photos of a completely disassembled cutter, before communication has even begun.
That is not right, from photos you can see that the zing was not dissembled at that time, we taken only side panels and top lid from the machine. We were looking for a loose connector that could happen during shipping.

We deal with way more complex electronics every day, perhaps typical users are afraid to open their PC's but in our case it was done by a qualified technician not a home type of user.

This is not an issue of us trying to enforce some silly rule, or rip off our customers. There is one fundamental reason for our policy on this: We can not determine what issues have been introduced when a machine has been opened / disassembled /tampered with.
So you expect that you do not have to check / inspect what you sell, you just hope the china factory to do it for you? Well in this case the factory did not do it.

If I would ship something from china to us, then from us to europe, I would check if everything works before packing it up. Even GCC test their cutters before shipping from factory, they include test vinyl sheet to prove it.
Not the case with the Zing the machine is packed in sealed plastic bag. That means nobody in the chain of "hundreds hands before it got to my country" could tamper with it.[/quote]

When it comes down to it, the customer should always be happy; Good business is when both the buyer AND the seller can walk away from a transaction, satisfied. We will never take advantage of our customers, just to make sure our butts are covered. We have a reputation to uphold, and we wouldn't be able to maintain that good reputation, if this is how we handled ourselves.
I hope this is the truth.

Maybe we got off on the wrong foot, Smilem. I can empathize with you. I would love to come to an agreement where both you and us can walk away satisfied.

I've sent you a few emails now. Please feel free to respond at your earliest convenience.
I hope we can get to an agreement and I can say so in this thread.

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But you opened it and took it a part... He now has no idea if the problem was really the cutter or not in the first place... Now he just has to take your word for it....

A photo is worth a thousand words, again I'm puzzled are you people so silly that you can't understand that electronics and metal dust particles are not suppose to be together?

The metal particles can cause a short circuit, the machine either does not work or burns. In our case the short circuit protection kicked in and the unit did not burn.

How can KNK USA have a tech department specialist that does not know this, can identify such problems from photos of 12MP multiple angle shots?

Because he is incompetent that is way, I can't think about anything else, if one is involved with electronics he/she will never respond in a manner that KNK did.

That's the problem... So the solution is you ship it back at your own expense and he ships you a new one at his expense... Probably not totally fair but as a business man to me that is reasonable...
IF a company claims to sell thousands of units every day for me it is not reasonable, they could just send me new zing at their expense and could ask if can ship it cheaper by regular mail etc. Because the unit has no value anymore.

Instead KNK USA tries to ignore everything I emailed them, every photo I showed them they see no problems, no honesty there.

To me it's a gift if Chad were to agree honestly... I doubt Chad has a $300 profit margin on these cutters.. So he for sure will be losing money to ship you a replacement at his dime once he gets your "defective" unit back...
Every company decides at what price point to sell their goods, Roland sells carriage unit for 330Eur, GCC for 25USD, zing cost 399$ go figure.

If you sell at a price point lower then you ensure quality then that is the problem of the manufacturer/seller but not the user that reads on KNK USA website that a company has 30 years of experience and that zing is a quality machine made from metal.

It's pretty common sense when you open something up electronic you are voiding the warranty... My cell phone doesn't have a sticker but I'm sure it's in the fine print somewhere just as it's posted on the KNK website opening the unit voids the warranty...
It is common sense to put a sticker to say that warranty is void if opened, also some companies put leaflet that like "no serviceable parts inside"

Zing does require (like all cutters) to replace bearings on carriage to you have to open it someday, now if you expect every international customer to pay 330$ to replace 6 bearings worth of 5$ think again.

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We can split hairs over what constitutes as disassembled or not. I will refer to image 7:

What we are looking at is the main beam in the KNK Zing. This would be equivalent to the chassis of a car. So if your Zing were a car, that would mean you would have had to remove the exterior, engine, interior, wheels, gas tank and anything else attached to the body. That photo shows literally NOTHING but the "chassis".
I'm tired of repeating myself over and over again:

From photos you can see that the zing was not dissembled at that time, we taken only side panels and top lid from the machine.

You were sent a "Zing cutter claim.pdf" 15MB file with clear photos. The "main beam in the KNK Zing" photo was made later when your colleague gary[USER=12636]@ACC[/USER]ugraphics.co responded:

"Alternative is tell us the part you may need and we can ship you that part."

Obviously at that point how we re suppose to evaluate our device without taking it apart?

You got detailed part summary "Zing cutter replacement parts.pdf" and failed to repond until I started this thread.

I have personally opened and inspected many Zings. I have not found any noticeable amount of metal filings. But, I'm usually gentle and know what I'm doing.
So you agree that you are dishonest then I asked to send me photos of another OK zings, and all I get is silence from your company.

But when a week later I receive email that certain parts could be sent to repair the machine now you say that it's only you that knows what he's doing and I as a customer am at fault of taking apart my unit.

I wouldn't expect to get a new printer, (or even help in repairing a printer), if I dismantled it before calling support.
Read after my first comment, the machine was not disassembled until your employee told us that you can ship parts to repair it.

Since we're sharing emails with everyone, Your latest email to me:

Smilem - "I will be glad to return the zing cutter to you, if you pay the shipping.
The machine is in disassembled state now, do you want it to be put together, or I just wrap the parts and pack it in same box as I got it?"

What am I supposed to do with a completely disassembled cutter? Not only would I be taking a loss by refunding you, paying for shipping back; Now I have to, (or pay an employee), reassemble the machine you've taken apart. Even if you were to put it back together, I can't trust that you've done it correctly.
I was under impression KNK zing is returned for inspection in workmanship quality not re-sell it to somebody else. The machine has no value as it is because key parts are flawed, you need a lathe and a milling machine for fixing the parts, making new parts like side panels for it to work normally.

"...I want you to make payment to my bank account before I send the Zing, if you don't trust me then 50% before and the rest after it's picked up. Given the fact in KNK USA and my communication problems I have doubts you actually will return my money after I ship the machine..."

I haven't responded to this email, yet, because I'm really just at a loss. I hate to air this on a public forum, but you've really left me with no other option but to publicly defend ourselves. Forum posts like this are EXTREMELY damaging to us. With that being said, if I "bend the rules" and accept your terms of satisfaction, I'm now opening ourselves up to a whole new can of worms.
What is strange in that I asked to pay 50% of money in advance, given the fact that you started to communicate only after I started this thread and that like you say:

"I haven't responded to this email, yet, because I'm really just at a loss."

So you agree that you should have communicated by email rather than public forum then why don't you tell everyone that in the first complaint you got I wrote:

"You can silently resolve the quality issues with your china manufacturer. Our company certified engineers can also give you tips on how to improve Zing quality"
I gave you the chance to avoid all this, and to resolve this problem by normally communicating, be it spare parts replacement or new machine or money back

Every company has DOA policy, if you don't then you should have it.

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Sounds like end of story to me!

A big pat on the back to Chad for at least stepping in and trying to resolve/clarify this issue.
Then why chad does not post my communication with him in essence showing how helpful he was , how KNK USA was trying to help me? Because there was no such emails. I waited for weeks for resolving this, and yes eventually when even the email for sending replacement parts was not answered for a week I decided to fully take apart the cutter and see how it is made to decide if it is work trying to fix it myself.

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KNK USA has always stood behind their cutters and made sure their customers are satisfied with their new machines. In the past 6 years, I remember two situations in which overseas customers received KNKs that had been damaged during shipping. In both cases, the customers immediately contacted KNK USA and the problem was diagnosed. In one case a replacement part was immediately shipped to the customer. In the other case, Chad and Ron made a personal video for the customer to show her how to repair the machine so that it wasn't necessary to ship it back.
I waited 13 days for my email to be forwarded to their tech department, what are you talking about? How is this related to this thread?

If you ship something overseas it is just a piece of mind to make sure it works, especially if you make the machines in china.

In my past 20 years, I've purchase 2 IBM PC's and 1 HP PC that failed within the first day of ownership. In NONE of those three situations did it ever occur to me to open up and disassemble my computer! I didn't need a warning label ON MY COMPUTER not to do that! I simply knew better than to do it!
People learn to read, the machine was not taken apart by novice mom, or dad, or some old lady craft cutter enthusiast.

I can make suggestions on how to improve the Zing, not keep saying that it is bad, but if I'm being treated like trying to reverse engineer something of 399$ (there are better cutters you know) then that is really sad.

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Funny you say that because after my last response I looked at all the OP's postings. 6 days ago they join the forum and right out of the gate start in with whats inside all the different brand cutters. Even made mention in one post if my memory serves correct that they could build a cutter but software issues would prenvent them from doing so.

I have two other threads in this forum:

Obviously after being threated like this by KNK USA I began to investigate this cutter matter far wider, why expensive cutters are good, what make them good. Who manufactures what and who just puts their name on the front.

The information on the last posts if from local Roland representative, they also said that some customers obviously without their help modified their Roland cutters to increase the force to 350g for 24gx model because the head carriage is the same for all Roland cutting plotter models.


I also started thread after contacting my local GCC rep, who claims that GCC is no longer "china type of cutter"


So what is wrong with that?

33 Posts
If this would be posted on any CNC enthusiast forum, I doubt there could by any questions about the build quality. But I guess people that use the cutters know nothing about them then.

In a perfect word you have somebody to do everything for you so you don't have to

I send emails - they are not answering them.
I send photos - nobody sees anything wrong.
Then chad replied that he is an expert and taken many Zing's apart but fails to send photos for weeks until I start this thread.

What else can I say, if KNK is not replacing the machine, sending parts for fixing it, or giving money back say so.

This thread is not about ranting, it is for enyone else to make their mind about buying from KNK USA.

The photo 7 the chad refers to is actually made to show how bad the threads are made on the most important part of the zing, the parts that carriage slides / moves on.

So why nobody talks about it? Lets speak about why it was made like this, who is responsible for quality?


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Do you care to share them? Tell me what is a "better cutter" 14" and under than the Zing with an optic eye or without... Honestly their isn't... I've owned every kind of "craft" cutter there is... Zing hands down is the best of the lot...

What I don't understand if you knew there was a better cutter around then why buy the Zing?...
The better cutter is obviously the black cat it's the only one marketed as 950g of force and for cutting thick materials you need more force so you need to use a craft cutter not a Roland or Graphtec , unfortunately when I purchased the zing I did not knew about Black cat :(

What I don't understand if you knew there was a better cutter around then why buy the Zing?...[/quote]

You also don't really explain why all your posts relate to internal workings of various cutters... You went on an about GCC Cutters and China parts versus Japan parts...
Read my post 44 http://www.t-shirtforums.com/knk-vinyl-cutters/t183936-3.html#post1089069

I really don't know your fascination with the internal workings but clearly you have one...
Read any DSLR camera forum everyone who uses lenses professionally is also concerned about how many glass elements a lens has, what coatings are used, etc. Same for a cutter, if you do not understand the inner working like I was before purchasing the zing I had trusted KNK USA that even if the zing is manufactured in china it is good build quality all metal machine, unfortunately it was the opposite.

6 Days ago you posted this asking that you were "looking for a cutter"

Yes I still need, obviously the zing is non-usable.

Then you state this...

"Furthermore perhaps anyone tested the carriage screws diameter with a digital caliper? It should be 4.00mm not 3.9x

That is because these screws need to be precision manufactured to fit the bearings, if regular screws are used then we can speak of no precision the manufacturer claims."
Have you replaced any bearings? You know even CPU/GPU fan bearings in your PC can be replaced without expensive repairs of replacing whole cooler assembly.

Bearings have certain shaft diameters, they are standardized.

How do you know what diameter screws it's supposed to have?... More over why would you care?...
The plotter carriage needs to move in precision manner, that said the rollers are on screws that should be precision manufactured to fit the bearing to avoid free play. Typical screws however are not precision manufactured because they are not suppose to be used as shafts for bearings.

M4 screw is 3.9x mm; M5 screw is 4.9x mm.
Bearings require a shaft in size of +0.00 mm -0.025mm for it to work. Some require higher tolerances.

By this it seems to me you actually weren't "looking" for a cutter but rather had one and a digital caliper testing the diameter of the carriage screws... Otherwise why in the world would you ask such a question?... We are not engineers here... We use these machine not build them. I bet not a single person here has tested the diameter of their carriage screws I mean really? You're just goofy!
Since the carriage bearings should be serviced I just asked this question, I had hopes there are more technically inclined users in this forum that would be easy to measure and check. Obviously I had Zing by that time and asked because I wanted to know if every cutter made like this?

Summa cutter do use same design as any china made cutter, 4 screws that is. Maybe they use precision shafts for bearings, I just asked I can't check it myself since there is no summa cutter rep. locally.

If I were Chad given the other posts on the internal workings of cutters... I would be pretty skeptical too...
I would never posted this if this was internally resolved by KNK USA.
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