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Knife tool not working

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Im now using CoralDraw x 7 and like in x6, the knife tool isn't working. I have created my own logo but want to cut it into 3 pieces but when I attempt to cut I get a message that says that the item chosen cannot be cut. Any suggestions?
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Any more details on what you're trying to do?

Knife tool seems to work the same in my X6 as it did in X3, although generally I prefer to powerclip things if I'm breaking it up into multiple objects for printing, if just doing cut only for vinyl, then usually I'll just use the shape tools.

If you're trying to work on a group of objects, I don't think the knife will work, if you combine the objects, you will generally only cut one path, and not sever the entirety (which is why I usually prefer to powerclip).
On some images, I have to convert the image to bitmap inside corel in order for knife tool to work.
I am on X6.
If it is possibel for you to share the art I can try to see if it works on mine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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