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kiosk print head carriage replacement

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I need to replace my carriage. Does anyone have a link to some instructions or video showing the steps?

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Sorry, I looked as well...
A few months ago we replaced our carriage, it was an undertaking!
I experienced issues with my machine that seemed unrelated...

A few words of advice...

Use an empty ice cube tray to put screws / small parts in as they come off. This will help keep you organized.

Make note of all the positions of the plastic adjustments before you take them apart. (digital pictures can help.)

I was able to slip most parts out through the far side (away from the capping station)

MAKE SURE to disconnect the small ribbon cable to the bottom of the carriage that connects the "eye" that looks at the print surface.
This was my oversight. The carriage in the machine was missing this component all together, then new one had it already installed. It caused printing issues where it would not print as if the software setting were wrong.

Take your time and be methodical about it. One step at a time.
Good luck
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become a member (DTG Owners Only) and you will everything you need..


You are looking at the actual Epson 2200 service manual not the Kiosk but all the parts are similar take some time to read and familiarize it before you start tearing it apart

its not a simple task but its tedious and time consuming the first time..

good luck
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This is the same process for replacing the carriage on the Kiosk... I've done it twice myself.

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