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KIOSK II - with Belquette closed Ink system

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We are considering letting one of our KIOSK II machines go. For awhile we were running our MOD1 and 2 Kiosk machines. We were unable to keep up with the shipping and order management running 3 machines so one of our Kiosks were taken offline to be used for batches or backup. The machine has been given little use over the passed 6 weeks, so we are considering letting it go. When the machine is taken offline, the head is flushed and kept with flushing solution. If sold, the parts will be refurbished before you take possession, wiper pump, capping station, head etc.

This machine is converted to the Belquette closed ink system. And will come with the leveling tray, Adult Platen, Small Platen, silicon paper and a complete set of Inks CMYK + White and Pre-treat to get you started.

Our converted Kiosks have been our work horses since switching over to the closed ink system, you will not run into starvation or clogging when doing large prints with white ink. These machines run like champs due to the removal of the inadequate ink delivery system and the plastic tube carrier. With this system you will find that forr batch runs, there is no noticeable variation in colors or ink coverage.

Anyone interested in purchasing this machine is also welcome to come to our shop and spend the weekend to go over the printing process including pre-treating and curing as well as maintenance and part changes on the machine.

If you are interested, please Private Message me with your Best Offer.

Solid White Background - No Starvation!!

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