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kiosk 3 error (shows busy)

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I am having an issue with my kiosk 3 raptor. The machine prints fine. Immediately after the print is complete, the platen moves forward slightly and stops. It just hangs there and the LCD reads busy. I have checked the switch on the conveyor system and It seems fine. I have also reinstalled the RIP DTG rippro both with no luck. I use to resolve the problem by restarting the printer. That no longer works. Any ideas?
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If you set the design in the rip for white media (ie just white shirt printing single pass only) does this still happen?
Also does the platen return after the first print and then try to reload or does it just stop at the end of the travelator belt and not return atall?
Yes, the machine stops on a white single pass also. It doesn't even travel to the end of the belt. After a print ( tried multiple art files) it travels about a inch on the conveyor and stops. It just reads busy. It does not happen every time, but it is happening pretty consistently.
One thing I can think of off the cuff is as well as having the encoder strip which detects the carriage travel on the x axis there is an encoder wheel which controls the y axis ie the forward motion of the travelator it is situated under the metal housing next to the keypad this maybe needs cleaning just a thought ...
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Do you have a photograph of where the part is? I am going to clean that and see what happens.
Well I found the wheel that your where talking about. Obviously behind the keypad. It was FILTHY! Its clean now, but as I was putting the metal cover back on I broke the tabs off my ink reset.

Where are parts available for these machines in the US? I only know of mesa and the part seemed very expensive.

Thanks for your help.
Wow the good news is I think we found your problem ,now to address your broken tabs I feel for you as it happened to me once the clearance is very tight and they are very fragile ,if your supplier wont help all I know is the guy is called Fed Padilla the unit is called the c horse cset he's based in the states and has a website www.c-horse software.com drop him an email he may beable to help...
We have had the tabs broken off also. If you can get hold of an electrician then normally it is a very easy and cheap fix compared to £200+ for a new cset.
If your handy with a soldering iron like Scot says it is possible to fix ,first stick the tabs back together with a very strong glue ,then using an ultra sharp craft knife you can very gently scrape off the polymer surface to expose the metal tracks,now here comes your handy skills with the iron ,take a strand of fine wire and gently solder across the tracks ,check with a continuity meter that everything is making contact and imperitively nothing is cross tracking ,finally drop a blob of glue on the mended tabs to scurely bond the job ;)
Well, after some steady hands and some scotch tape, I managed to fix the ink reset. There where little holes on the board, so I striped the wires and tied them into the board. Cleaning the wheel behind the keypad seems to have fixed my issue, and the printer is printing much more accurate. Before sometimes you could see that the printer was not aligned.


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Well done ,niced job ;)
Keep up the good work ;)
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