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I recently got into doing sublimation, and received my first contract for 300 mugs that I completed, but not without quite a bit of headaches. For the most part, I have figured out the sublimation process pretty good. I currently have a small Esty shop where I do custom acrylic lamps that I produce by laser etching and cutting. Then slide into a LED base.

I have quite a few people that have seen my mugs and lamps, and are now asking me to do shirts, so that they can start ordering from me.

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of posts and sites in regards to laser printing on forever flex and similar products. From what my research has told me using a laser printer with digitalheatFX, Forever laser, etc. seems the way to go, without having to actually do silk screening. I was looking at the OKI printers, as I have mostly heard great things about them, but the price is really high even for the OKI 711WT.

Then tonight I found this site with some posts mentioning other laser printers that are more affordable. At first I thought I could only use CMYWH laser printers, but I have also seen posts mentioning laser printers with CMYK toners as well.

So I joined this forum hoping to get some recommendations on which direction I should and can go in regards to which printers work best, with both affordable and premium prices. Also which types of tranfers would work best with each type.

Everyone seems to be a good group of civilized and helpful members here, so I look forward to interacting with everyone.
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