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Hello all,

I'm just starting up now and have my equipment under control. What I'm wondering now is this:

How do you keep track of your day to day sales and expenses for your small business?

Do you keep receipts and sales sheets in bins somewhere or do they stay online? Do you keep track of everything in a spreadsheet or do you pay for services like QuickBooks?

I've made a few purchases so far and have held onto all receipts, but I'm wondering what I should do with them to a) keep track of expenses and b) make sure I have records for legal reasons.

I have no sales yet since I haven't started producing yet, but I'll need to keep record of them too of course.

So what do you use to keep track of your finances? I'm looking for something somewhat low-tech since I don't expect a large amount of sales (It's more so a hobby business), so keeping costs low is ideal.

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