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K3 Raptor Error Code 000

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I am receiving an error code=000 on my Raptor. I literally didn't do anything so I am thinking it is an error that ocurrred when I powered it down after last use (yesterday). Can anyone help me please??!! I also would like to know if anyone has a copy of the manual that I can have, I am so sick of waiting on the technicians to call me back!! I have a huge order to finish by tonite.
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Hmmm Im right there with you, you call and maybe get a phone call 4 hours later. There's no use in deadlines when you can't someone to call you back!
So this is what I found out after finally getting a call back from the dist.

The Raptor has "pad counter" software. When the epson print head was originally used for printing paper it would dock at a station for cleaning and a pad would rise up and clean it. After being converted to a shirt printer the software that was included that counted how many times pad had cleaned the print head could not be disabled. So when the counter reaches a certain number, I think it was like 25000 or something like that, it is supposed to warn you to change it. But now, instead, it just stops the machine and you have to go into the software and manually change it back to 0.

However, the resetting software is not included and you have to call the dist and hope they call you back between 8am and 5pm the next day so they can send it to you and tell you how to reset it so that you can continue printing the order that you need to get out asap.

I would recommend everyone call their dist now and get it before you are caught at midnight in the middle of an order.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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