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K3 Problems please help

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Midway through printing an order my K3 just froze....right after printing a shirt and for the last 2 hours i have been power cycling the K3 hoping it would trigger a fix to the problem in the picture.

Please help me, I am up against a deadline and need to print just 14 more shirts!!!

Thank you


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Check your carriage belt (is is jumping around?)

Look at your encoder strip (for finger prints, dust or dirt)

Clear out your print queues in RIP
Carriage belt is smooth - encoder strip has been swiped several times. I did notice a tiny black speck on the encoder strip but can't get it off.

any suggestions?
Use original formula windex w/ ammonia > spray a squirt into a lint free cloth and carefully wipe the strip

Also, with a lint free cloth and windex gently wipe around the printhead (use a mirror or the printer bed) as I guide wipe in 1 direction.

Also, clean your wiper and around your capping station

It really looks like a registration issue but need a clean area first to rule those out.
Any assoc lights? Where was head when froze?? Did you try power off, unplug and let sit for a few minutes?
More info......
Also, K3 just freezes in middle of printing job - now prints worse than before - Im about to lose my mind
spiderx1 - the power light below the power button just flashes and the head freezes in the middle of the platen while printing - mind you this all happened in the middle of a job after I had already printed several shirts
Have you deleted the job from RIP shut it down and restart?

Are you trying to do production run or just selecting reprint?
I have done the following:
1.) Cleared RIP
2.) Wiped encoder strip
3.) cut power - disconnected power line and let it sit for 10 mins

I was doing a production run when the problem started - I have only recently been trying to do singular prints with various artwork to see where the problem was.

It has only gotten worse - it is printing multiple copies of the image right on top of each other.
Using your RIP CD, run a RIP repair (do not uninstall) just run a RIP Repair, unplug the printer and reboot your computer and then plug in the printer

Do not use production mode
Can you move the carriage freely with power off and unlocked from capping station?
Is bed moving forward normally?
Spiderx - yes I can move it freely and it moves smoothly. Dazzabling - Does the window cleaner have to be original windex? All I have is kroger brand.. Also the rip pro fix did not work
Dazzabling - Does the window cleaner have to be original windex? All I have is kroger brand.. Also the rip pro fix did not work
I don't know enough about the Kroger brand if you have cleaning solution that should be suffice.

Since, you can move it freely make sure the rails are clean and free of lint and dust, as well. You can try some oil and move it back and forth to even out the oil.

A clean printer is a happy printer :)

Have you removed the shirt and check the bed?
What would I be looking for in the bed?
Normal forward movement when printing runs in and out smoothly. There is an encoder wheel on the left side of printer, under case, it can be cleaned same as encoder strip, it a clear plastic wheel, with printer off hold cleaning swatch folded over wheel then move bed by hand to move wheel do not grap wheel to move. This usually shows up as an error in bed feed not carriage left right, but now who knows. The butterfly effect.
how do i get under the case?
dazzabling - what are "registration issues" ?
Got me on K3. Check out Coldesi website under DTG support. Is this still under warranty?
They have videos for all the DTG brand printers.
Have you tried printing from the Epson printer driver. Just simple test print??
dazzabling - what are "registration issues" ?
Basically, in the simplest of terms "something is outta place".
But, without being right in front of it all is can do is hope that the printer is clean and the shirt is loaded correctly.
I have given you all the places to look, if it electrical the possibilties are far greater.

Have you had a problems throughout the week?
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