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just wanted to say thanks

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i dont have a question, at least right now. i just wanted to say thank god, that i found this forum. it has been a life saver. i have bought almost all of my equipment to get started to make heat transfered shirts, from my research on here. i would have never went forward with my business if it werent for this forum. everyone seems to be very friendly. i look forward to talking to people on here and hope to share some knowledge when i have any idea what im doing. anyhow thanks everyone for sharing their knowledge.

im printing my first tshirts this weekend. i went with the stahls maxx 16x20 it seems to be a great heat press, we'll see. i bought some inkjet paper from stahls for lights and darks. still up in the air as far as what printer to get. im leaning towards the wf 1100 from epson. ill post my experience in a week or so. im leaning toward the corel software also. any pointers would be great, if you have any at all. im just planning on being/part time to make a little extra money.
thanks very much
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