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Just tshirts?? how about other garments?

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So i've been a follower of the forums for awhile spending majority of the time reading the useful info that others has posted.
Definitely an awesome and informative site, i'd have to say that there is a great community here.

I've noticed that yes this is a tshirt forum, but a lot of people also talk about hoodies, sweats, etc.

My question is "What about jackets??" my cuz manufacturers jackets at a relatively small scale, mostly for singapore, european brands. He usually does 50-100 pcs a style depending on the difficulty(obviously if the detail is more complicated and requires more treatment, the higher the minimum would be).

So I've been thinking and wanting to make new items like windbreaker type light jackets. the material would be made of a quality enough that you could add sublimation or dtg easily. But if i were to find this type of material, there would probably a minimum amount of bulk fabric needed because it might not just be found anywhere. If i do end up finding this material, i would probably have to split the production amongst others as i probably cannot take all of it for myself.

Is there anyone interested in trying something new?? i'm thinking we can share the load and try it. Post or PM me, i'd love to get some more feedback.
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Tas, Wind Breakers if they have a lining you can only print 1 color. wish u well.
hey John,

thanks for the tip. Maybe not windbreaker, but a light jacket or something similar. i'm just thinking of trying to do something different.
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