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Just thought I'd share my recent screen drying cabinet build

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I've been drying screens on saw horses with box fans for years. Some contamination is pretty much inevitable. Now that I've moved into my own 4500 sq ft shop with dedicated screen room, there are times when I want to turn on the backlights of my washout booth and I can't do that with coated screens drying right next to me. A few years back I had built a 4x8 work table on casters (I also do signs), and figured I could re-purpose it into a pretty nice screen drying cabinet.

Basically just enclosed the bottom of it, with separate enclosed areas towards the back with cheap bath fans for airflow. I can always add small heaters/dehumidifiers if I feel it's necessary, but I'll run it with just the fans for now. I have a handful of customers that do their own screen printing on various substrates, but don't make their own screens, so that's where I come in. This cabinet can accommodate all different size screens from 12x12 up to 30x40. It may not be the prettiest thing, but it is definitely functional and fairly solidly built. It also gives me a nice 4x8 work surface in my screen room!

Just thought I'd share for anyone else out there looking to build a screen cabinet.


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I like it good job. I think I steal opps I mean come up with something similar. Kill two birds at once with the rack and work surface. I cant tell if you have locking wheels but that could be handy i made a workbench for my shop like that.
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