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I have got my self a 6 in 1 Heat Press

Now how the hell I get the Mugs to work for me ?
Got the mugs BUT what paper and ink do I really need
and what is the Correct temperature setting for pressing on mugs?

How hot do the mugs get ??

I have tried just a heat transfer sheet on a mug and it peels off.

I did say I'm a beginer

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Yes, you have a press, but you also need the following -

1. A dedicated sublimation printer (usually Ricoh or Epson).

2. Sublimation inks for that printer.

3. An ICC profile installed on your computer for those inks (usually provided by the ink supplier).

4. Special sublimation transfer paper.

5. Graphics software that can use the ICC profile for printing (not all can).

6. Mugs with a special (polymer) coating specifically for sublimation printing. Buy the best quality mugs you can.

When you have all of this set up then come back and we'll help you further.
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