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Just starting - please help !!

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Im New to ALL this so go easy with the technical stuff lol.

Basically I have about $2000

I already have, Mug press, 15" heat press, and sublimation dye printer, and an engraver.

I want to run an all purpose personalistion service, corporate stuff, gifts etc, clothing.

What else do you think would be an asset??
Maybe a vinyl cutter?? Embroidery machine..

I want the full setup before I start but I dont know what is best for:

high demand, Profitablity, ease of use etc..

Can anyone help me?
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Vinyl cutter... absolutely. Embroidery machines are difficult from what I understand (their machines get WAY complicated, with the threading, needles, all that) With a vinyl cutter you open up your shop to a whole world of automotive/storefront graphics. A customer comes in and wants 20 mugs for his business, offer him some discounted vehicle graphics (which you can get away with charging alot for) and assure him that it will drive business to his shop and offer a reciept to make the entire purchase tax deductable... see where I'm going with this? Plus you can do T-Shirt work just as well with it. Killing 2 birds with one stone, and it's way below your budget with lots of room for expansion with cheap/low overhead. Just my 2 cents, good luck!
You've got a lot more tools than many people start with.
Save the money, invest your time in networking, cold calling and marketing. Find your niche, there will be something you have to have to make it workable. Just a thought :)
I understand what your saying shirl but I personally hate it when I offer a service and somebody say "oh... can you do xxxxxxxx for me ?? " And I have to say no..
I feel like I should only commence when I can provide the majority of services in the biz..

Is this just stupid of me?? Please tell me it has at least some merit!! lol
When I went in to this business I was absolutely sure of a lot of things, but to quote Don Henley "the more I know the less I understand". Nothing I tried out and out failed, but somethings worked better than others. So now I find myself feeling my way around with a bit more reservation. I am the last person to tell anyone business advice with absolute assurance. You know your market obviously a lot better than I do. I just started out with a bunch of stuff that sat for a while before it got worked into the mix, in the mean time money got short and I think at this point I would trade some of that comfort zone for a little more experience. Also I think people have to get to the point that they trust their instincts, and that just takes being out there and taking their shots. I wish you the best of luck, keep us updated. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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