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Just Starting out...

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Hello, just started Labradoodle Clothing, and came here as a resource to save me time in the future and to hopefully sprout some ideas and/or network with the community. My roommate and I just started the biz, we are ambitious, and have no idea what we're doing

check it out, c+c please

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Just took a look at your website. I like your designs, especially the squid launch. Also liked your descriptions; very fun. Saw that you're from NW Oregon. Do you sell at the Portland Saturday Market? I try to get down there about once a year to see what's new. Hope your biz takes off.
Thanks for the feedback, it seems the squid is most peoples favorite. I actually have somehow never even been to the Saturday Market but, definitely need to go soon and consider operating a booth there, Thanks again
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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