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I am currently in the latter stages of researching what I hope will be a t-shirt company that I'm going to start, and I'm interested in creating designs to be embroidered.

As I mentioned in another post I made in a different sub-section, I feel very fortunate to have found this site and want to take advantage of my luck.

I've read through this forum, and I get the impression that most embroidered designs are rather large.

What I have in mind is really small, I think, maybe slightly larger than Lacoste, Le Tigre and Polo designs. It'd be 3 colors.

If I created this design in Illustrator, could I send it out and get quotes?

How much should I expect to pay for a sample? And then how much if I ordered 1,000 that I'd have affixed to shirts later? Or do the companies that create the embroidery usually affix them, too?

Your responses will surely generate more questions from me.

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