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Just Starting - how do you start with the size breakout

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Hi - my hubby and I have just started and with the assurance the bella shirts are wise pick, we need advice on how to breakout the sizes? Initially we will start with White tshirts from Bella (160 white shirts) ... we were thinking the size breakout to be as follows

X Small - 40
Small - 40
Medium - 40
Large - 40

I am not sure if I should focus on specific sizes more? Does it make sense to split out the sizes in this order?

Please let me know your thoughts?

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curiousgeorge said:
I am not sure if I should focus on specific sizes more? Does it make sense to split out the sizes in this order?
People follow a bell curve, so it's best if your sizing can reflect that. If you sell (for example) 3 XS, 10 S, 40 M, 35 L, it's going to be a lot harder to sell the extra XS (i.e. it's easier to sell 40 XS when you have other sizes in stock, than it is to sell 40 XS when XS is the only size you have).

Depending on your market I would consider stocking XLs.

All of that said... if you're happy doing 40 per size for your first run, you'll get an extremely good idea of how fast each size sells and therefore how to fine tune it for the next run. It could cost you some money that way, but experience is definitely the best way to know what size breakdown is going to work for you and your customers. If you expect to reprint the same design (i.e. 160 is a first run, but there will be followup runs) then that's even more true - if a size doesn't sell very fast you can just keep what you already have on hand and replace the sizes that do.

I know "it depends" isn't a very helpful answer, but it is fairly accurate ;)
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I would definitely stock some XL and stock fewer XS. Bellas already run small (somewhat debateable; but I think they do and I'm not the only one), so the XS is really small.

It of course will depend on your market, but generall you want a curve with it higher in the middle and fewer on the sides; you will likely want the most larges and mediums, with fewer smalls and xls, and fewer yet for xs (unless you're dong them for kids :p).
Sales by size will vary on the actual design - but the overall average for us comes in increments of the following breakdown:


When we run a print - we base our INVENTORY LEVELS on this caluclation. For example - if you want to print 100 shirts to start, we would print the following:


We then run calculations on 2nd & 3rd, 4th, 5th print runs based on standing inventory vs. minimum inventory levels each time so we're not too overstocked on one size. It makes a big difference on how much cash you are converting out of your inventory...and that you don't have hundereds/thousands of dollars sitting in dead inventory.

Good luck!

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i would put more into the mediums and larges, and get some XL's too.

bella runs extremely small, i think. i generally wear a size s, the occasional xs, but i wear a medium in bella shirts. when a customers order them, i tell them to select one to two sizes above what they normally wear, depending on how clingy they like their shirts to be.
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