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Hi everyone. After many decades of putting it off, I finally took the leap into starting my own company. I turned an online community of surfers I had grown over 8 years for fun on the side into a full blown branded surf apparel company. No idea what I'm doing, working till the oddest hours, neck deep in learning everything from trademark law to FTC labeling regs ... and having a blast!! :D :D

Of course the first and very crucial step is getting some initial traction through the bread and butter ... t-shirts. I have a humble first line of 3 shirt designs and 1 hat I'm calling the Day One Edition lol. :D Printers just started on them!!

I am looking forward to learning from folks here and hope to be in a position one day to dispense my own hard earned knowledge. :eek:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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