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I got about 18 orders from another motorcycle forum that I am on and I used my press for the first time.

It was a pain at the very beginning - I was cursing up a storm!.
Then after about 3 shirts...I started banging them out like it was nothing.

I just had to figure out the method.

I had 3 major problems. I wasted 2 transfer sheets and 1 shirt (which I will be wearing :eek:

Here were my problems

1. The first transfers did not printing out as bright as the gif in photoshop.
Dull and ugly....so I wasted one sheet there.
I adjusted the printer settings and it printed out very bright and nice. (used alot more ink too, I'm assuming)
I printed out 2 designs on each sheet of transfer paper.

2. I started to cut one out with my hobby knife. The knife was so sharp I ended up cutting into the cheap plastic ruler I was using to guide me and messed up 1 design. I cut a big dip in the design instead of a straight line A
So I ran to hobby store to buy a professional metal ruler :mad:

Threw that design out and once I got my new ruler I cut out the second design. Rounded off the edges with a round ruler..it was perfect :).
I fired up my heat press. When it go to temperature I laid the shirt out, rolled a lint brush over it just in case...and pressed the shirt to get the moister and wrinkles out.
I let it cool for 5 mins or so.
Then I peeled the backing off and went to put the design on the shirt..but it was still hot from the press and the design started to curl up and wrinkle..I was like WTF!! :mad:
I tried..but could not save it.
I had to throw that design out.

Ken - 0 | Transfer paper - 2

So i printed out some more and placed a small piece of cardboard right under where I wanted to put the design. I then quickly dragged the design along the cardboard from the bottom while holding the desing from the top edges and as it went on the shirt..I laid it down nice and flat.
I put large piece of Teflon paper over it and pressed for 30 seconds.
Timer buzzed... I let it cool with the teflon still on it for another 5 mins and the shirt was perfect! :D

My second shirt was not so perfect :(.....

3. I did everything like I did the first shirt..except somehow there was a stray piece of the transfer from the design on the on the shirt.
It was a really small piece and looked like it was a shaving from when I was trimming the design with the hobby knife. :confused:

I could not save it...I tried to pull the piece off...but it was already on there.

Oh well I'll just wear it myself:p

The next 16 or so shirt came out very well.

I removed the shirt to cool after I pressed it to get the wrinkles out..then dragged it over the small piece of cardboard so it laid on the shirt flat..and did not curl up.

Press with the Teflon...and it was done

I rounded off all the edges on each corner of the designs ..and I must say the all look really professional "looking"

I'm shipping them out tomorrow...(while wearing my new..."messed up" shirt) ;)
Thanks for reading this far...lol


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How to remove a transfer from a tee or tote.. Place a piece of white paper on design. Just as you did parchment paper. press for a few seconds and then reomve paper from shirt. transfer should stick to paper. You may have to do this a few times. it does not work with hot peel but it does with opaques. send $5.00 for free info.. Been there, done that..

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Yeah I would have never thought of that

You may also want to add - After you take the transfer off. Press it again with a new white paper where the transfer was..and that helps get most of the residue off the shirt

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Hey Ken ,

Congrrats on yr 1st order ..hope u've gotten more since then .

Just a few questions:

1. Are u using an inkjet system or sub dye?
2. How long was it after you got yr equipment and put yrelf out there before you got yr 1st order?
3. Any chance of posting some pics of some/any of the tees u have done so far ?

Trying to setup a lil operation myself - Look forward to hearing from u !
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