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Just Ordered All My Equipment Have A Few Questions About Printing

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I just ordered all my equipment. Stahls 15 x 15 heat press. Epson C120 printer. JPSS paper for lights and dark. But i have a few questions about the actual printing and transferring part.

If im looking to print words, do i have to trim out and around each individual letter? Also, say im wanting to print onto a yellow shirt with words or whatever, do i need to print the background of my picture or words in that color? or is there a good paper that just transfers certain parts?

Im basically looking to transfer slogans and words to shirts, so just wondering so i know when all my stuff gets here in case i have to order different paper.

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Maybe think about a cutter or pre-cut vinyl letters?
I would have to say a vinyl cutter as well. I heard good things about the cutters at uscutters.com.
I've never worked with that printer in particular but I I've used similar and if you do not cut out each letter or group you'll end up with a stiff sign on the tshirt. . .instead of a smooth tshirt with words on it. Also you have to be careful of the tshirt color and the empty space between the letters, if don't cut it, it will show up on the tshirt. I hope this helps!
Thanks for the replies. I havent looked at vinyl cutters ever before. Whats a good one to start off with if im just looking to do like slogans on a shirt? Also how long does vinyl last? does it start to peel or anything?

Any vinyl cutter will get the job done for you, but uscutters is recommended for there great support and customer service.Iheard great things about the laser point 24" and the Mh721.And about how long will the vinyl last on the tshirt? I will have to say that the vinyl will last longer than the tshirt, and if pressed right it should'nt peel at all.Hope this helps.Goodluck
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