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Just opened an online shop. Need some feedbacks

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Hey guys,

I just opened an online storefront with storenvy

Spotlight Tees | Featured | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

anyone wanna give me some feedback on the overall layout, user friendliness, and tees designs?

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The banner is huge. It takes up the entire monitor.
You need to shrink that banner size to like at least HALF that height, Its HUGE. THe designs on the t's are nice but $29.00?!?!? i personally would never pay 30 bux for a t-shirt, a WHITE t-shirt at that with a 1 color logo on it. Consider your prices. I mean i understand these POD sites have an expensive base price by why double it? Especially just starting out. I dunno just suggestions
The other guys said it best... shrink down that header. Each time I click on one of your t-shirts, all I see is the big old header graphic again, as if though my browser simply moved up. I didn't realize the page changed.

Also, I'd recommend reshooting those t-shirts. They're dark and hard to see (add more light), or pay a semi-professional to shoot those for you (presentation is everything).
Yea, website needs a bit of work. Not just in terms of making the banner smaller, but making it look a bit cooler too.

Your designs are cool though. I would say the photos are acceptable. Seen better, seen worse....
hey guys thanks for the feedback. I will redesign the banner again
Agree with the others. Your designs are actually pretty nice, both conceptually as well as visually. Pics are mostly ok, some need to be redone. Banner needs to be shrunk, I would say more like to 1/3 of it's size at least probably more like 1/4 of its current size (remember it's a banner, it's supposed to just be like a header strip). Prices a bit high.
Cool shirts! Looking forward to seeing the designs to be on different color shirts. You are from Hong Kong?
Cool shirts, that gentleman lightning bolt one is sick. Like someone said earlier though im not sure if i would pay 29 dollars for it though
I'm just wondering, for my own research (I'm starting a t-shirt line too), how much would you guys pay for shirts like the ones on the OP's website?
I'm just wondering, for my own research (I'm starting a t-shirt line too), how much would you guys pay for shirts like the ones on the OP's website?
I wouldn't buy those. It is a million shirts on the market like that nothing special about them. Nothing creative at all. And they guy selling them for $35usd, like my momma use to say "its a sucker born every minute". JMO
Hey DimSum, yes this is a brand from Hong Kong.

Thanks for the feedback guys.. I am aware our price might be more expensive than other online shops... but I actually have an actual retail shop selling the shirts.. and I are selling them for US$35 (the sales not bad actually).

This is my first time opening an online shop so I am not too sure whether the online price should be consistent with the offline price. I am afraid if I lower the online price too much it will hurt my retail shop sales.
Even in a retail shop $35 usd is high for those shirts but if you can get that more power to you.
Stuff like that is usually priced at about $20 is it's a design that people will relate to (like tshirthell's sort of stuff).
here is my 2 cents...website is cool.designs are cool...i like the layout.."banner" to overbearing I wouldn't pay $29 for a t-shirt..but you need to understand most of us if not all are in the industry..so i asked my 13 year old niece. 1. she liked your designs 2. she wouldn't pay $29 either 3. $15-$20 yes but she is just 1 of millons but i'm sure plenty might pay $29 or even more...JMO
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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