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Hello Hello,

Michael here from CrossWordsUSA! We've been around since 2007, but more as a hobby until this year. We've been making the shirts ourselves from whatever we could get our hands on. It used to be about the lowest cost options, but now it's about more.

In the recession we saw our friends, family, and community members lose their jobs. We saw manufacturing jobs continue to leave the USA, and entire towns lose their vitality. So that's when we decided to go the Made in the USA route. We want to give our manufacturers a fighting chance!

In addition to being Made in America, 100% of our profits support Project Love Pack! An initiative that gives life essentials to children that have been removed from their homes and are waiting to enter the foster care system. We currently work in the Reno/Tahoe region, but with our new professionally made products we are looking to expand and grow.

We have over 10 designs completed, but are rolling out the professionally done shirts 1 at a time due to cost constraints and order sizes. So feel free to check out our website:

www.shopcrosswordsusa.com | Clothing for a cause. Give your clothes the power to do good. American[/url]

Give us feedback on the website, content, designs, anything! I love hearing from fellow people in the industry! We can help sharpen eachother and up the game!
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