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just introducing my self

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Hi everyone my name is Bane well ill tell u what lead me here. One day I was looking for a special hoodie with the red cloud design form akatsuki for those who don’t know it’s from a really good anime (cartoon) called Naruto I recognize I could not find it so I thought HI I could do it my self then HI what if there are more geeks looking to get there hands on something like this so then I started looking into if it could be a good business able to support me and a wife or if it would just stay a hobby and I would still have to work for someone. So I am really interested in everything anyone has to shear like what do u think don’t do it?do it? If I do how much capital would I need what’s the best type of printing I can’t get into and just how much money can I earn? Now im from the Caribbean so does that change anything for me well thanks in advance to anyone who helps. I’m just in the research faze now so when I recognize it’s good to get into ill start making actual purchases. Now im really young and inexperience Im not married actually im a virgin so I don’t want to get in over my head lol TMI lol
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You definitely came to the right place! You will find an infinite amount of information here.

The question "Should I or should I not get into the business?" is a commonly asked question. I think your best option is to browse the forums, research on the different techniques, and see if this is something that actually interests you. If it does interest you then it can definitely be a lot of fun!

I was in the same boat as you when I first started and everyone here showed me that this business can be a lot of fun. The thought of not having to work for someone else (as I have my own screen printing shop) puts a smile on my face everyday!

Good luck! :)
The great thing about the T-Shirt business is that you have many options to start out with. You can start with very little money and learn to see if you like it. Then you can grow into more and more stuff. You can make good money doing this but it takes work. I've been at it for a little over a year and still have to work a day job but I get more and more work all the time. So jump in and start learning here on the forums. Welcome and good luck.
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