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Well, I just bit the bullet and bought a Roland Sticka 12" cutter. I got it basically to do a job I couldn't do with transfers or sublimation -- putting bright red lettering on a dark green shirt.

I'm just reading through the manual now; haven't hooked it up yet.

However, my grandiose plans are to use the cutter for the following tasks:

  1. Cutting letters and simple designs to go on shirts.
  2. Cutting designs for car window clings (is that the right terminology?).
  3. Cutting templates for my husband's sand carving projects.
Any information you folks could supply would be greatly appreciated.

(BTW, I went with the 12" only because the 8" didn't seem big enough, and if I need to go bigger, I'll get the GX-24 or something similar.)

Thanks in advance,
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