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Just buying the stuff to start my own business

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Just starting to buy the equipment necessary to make some shirts. Ive got a few questions.

The cheapest and best quality, Ive heard epson, no specific model, your thoughts?

I live near the GTA (toronto) and was wondering whats the best quality and or cheapest papers available.

I just got photoshop and adobe illustrator, and was wondering if you know any good tips or tutorials could you please let me know? I plan making my own designs.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.
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Here is 1 for AI Adobe Illustrator Tutorials and Essential Techniques
Google tutorial for your choice of software.
Printer = epson for most apps, what size are you looking for? Pigment or dyesub?
Paper = JPSS
I've hear JPSS everywhere but what is it? also im not quite sure what Pigment or dyesub is, whatever is better quality. The thing is I want the nice looking t shirts like from a light ink jet printer because the image on the shirt doesn't look like its just resting on the shirt its actually looks apart of it if you know what I mean.
You can get the paper here:
Jet-Pro Sofstretch
(for light colour fabric)

With dye sub the ink becomes part of the Polyester shirt. The ink is more expensive.
Do a search on the forums, there is plenty to read for each process.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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