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Just bought an Epson ET-2550 ecotank......

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and I am planning on doing 100% cotton shirts :rolleyes: cause 1) they are common 2) they are cheap and 3) they are everywhere. I'm not familiar with the ink/paper combo that is out there on the market. Can this printer use pigment inks or will I have to use a sub dye ink with sublimation paper. I'm not sure what kind of ink it came with! Kinda confused. :confused: Wanted this printer cause the CISS is built in and don't have to set it up. Any help and suggestions on how to set this printer up would be helpful! TIA!
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I think the Ecotanks come with dye ink, not to be confused with dye sublimation ink. Check the specs to make sure.

Cobraink.com has both dye sub and pigment inks for at least some of the Ecotanks. Check their website for details. If the Ecotank does indeed come with dye ink, you don't want to use it for garment transfers. It will fade.

For paper suggestions, browse the Inkjet Transfer Paper section of the forum.
I have some Osir sublimation ink but I'm not sure if it is 100% compatible with my epson printer. It is for epson inkjet printers and is for sublimation. I guess I want to be able to print on dark shirts in full color. I would like to be able to do it on 100% cotton tees and maybe some hat and denim. I was also looking into possibly maybe seeing if there was a printable HTV if the ink is not possible :confused:
Not yet I'm still looking for a source, Cobra Inks had some but they dont take Paypal so I'm still looking around.
but they dont take Paypal
You should get a FREE Paypal Debit Mastercard that is tied to your account. They will even pay you a rebate when you use it to charge.
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paypal is waning, many people/companies are abandoning that ship

a quick search will reveal their sop's are counter-productive to business,
good for customers who enjoy ripping off businesses though

get a mastercard/amex, then you are not tied into a shrinking niche payment processor
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