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Just an introduction! And need help!!!!!

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Hey everyone. I have read these boards for a few years now but as I'm deciding to take making my shirts more serious. And expanding my business. I could use your help.
I own a website (currently under construction) forthepeoplebythepeople.com
it's just a small tshirt site.
I'm considering buying a tjet or annajet dtg printer and I'm curious if anyone has had any GREAT luck with them. I've read good and bad. But as I'm looking to expand my business and considering adding custom building to my website. I'm curious if these are the route to go?
How do sites like cafepress.com or spreadshirt.com customize there shirts on the spot and send out so quickly if they aren't using dtg printing? So any insight on how they do it would be awesome!
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They mostly use DTG on garments, Pad presses on other other items.
I have a neoflex that prints really well but I am n the sign business.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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