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Hi All,

Just joined the forum. I've been selling t-shirt for a number of years then put it on hold for a year or so due to family matters. I finally starting back up again late last year. I stumbled across this site by accident. :) It looks very interesting and I hope I can share some of what I have learned over the years.


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I also just joined the forum after a long time that I been reading everyones post...I live in Orlando, Florida and currently working on my t-shirt business so I can quit my job (like everyone else)...

I started really selling on ebay about 2 months ago and I am happy to say I am doing really good...I started with one ebaystore and now I am working on my second one...

I had never thought I was going to end up selling t-shirts, who would have thought...Ever since I started I been loving it and am addicted to it...I enjoy the entire process...

I did alot of research and found so many interesting website where I learned all the process of making t-shirts...I am a researcher...Now I have my mom helping me and she enjoys every process of it too...

I would like to help anyone who wants to get started...I believe in karma, the more you help people the more something comes back to you...

The more each one of us help each other out the more the business will grow...Thats what happen between my friend and I...Both of us started out in the same business and been giving each other information that the other person might not know...And by doing that, our business has been growing...

Anyway, I just wanted to say I will help anyone that needs it...I don't mind giving information out and how to get started..
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