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Okay so I want to sell some t-shirts to friends and maybe others through social networking. I'm not planning to set up a website or anything, I'm just planning to sell through my facebook and such. Would I need to get a license to sell?

Another question, I want to sell tshirts that says 'I love _(band)_' can i do that?? And by band, I don't mean band in the US but like korean bands and such. I guess I'm asking if that's legal.

Once again, I'm just hoping to sell these t-shirts to friends on social networks. I'm not planning on making a website. Not now anyways.

Hmm...and in the near future, I want to sell shirts and give the profit I made to a charity of my choice. Like start a charity. Can I do that also?

Sorry if these questions are...dumb?...haha.
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