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Hi everyone. I wanted to introduce myself. I have been doing embroidery for 4 years but have recently decided to become a full business, offering screen printing, vinyl, rhinestones, sublimation, and trophies / awards. Yes and very wide variety of stuff LOL. I purchased a heat press at the ISS show in Orlando this past February. Then we decided to go with DAS Rhinestone system, which arrived today :). And will be ordering the sublimation start up this week and we are still looking at engravers. We have been going thru all the forums on here and have to say they are full of information! Thank you for posting and giving us newbies the info we so desperately need.

AND, I can't speak highly enough of Digital Art Solutions, everyone there has been very helpful and courteous.

I'm in the Atlanta, GA area, so if anyone is also in the area, speak up, I'm sure I'll need all the friends I can get in this business.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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