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Jumping from Spreadshirt to

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Hey everyone, first time posting.

Looking to make a big jump from selling on Spreadshirt to set something up at home and I want to gather as much information as possible first.

My background leans more towards design and no so much print, in fact not very much about print (apart from designing for print).

For the past two years I've been using SS to sell my football tees, at the moment (this year) I'm averaging about 300 sales a month. While SS is taking most of the hassle out of everything they are also taking the bulk of profits.

The next logical step for me is to start printing from home. I've no problems putting a website together but I've never printed a t-shirt before. From the bit of research I have done, I need a heat press and half decent printer?

The big problems I foresee is space, I'm probably going to need 600 t-shirts in stock at all times for orders. Most of my custom comes from the UK and I'm based in Ireland. What kind of packaging am I going to use?

Can anyone recommend a supplier of unbranded t-shirts?

Could anyone suggest a heat press and printer that would work well together?

Sorry for the bombardment of questions, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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What colors is your T-shirt?
Are you willing to make detail designs like a photo in Black T-shirts?
If yes you will need expensive equipment
If your designs are simple I suggest you to buy a cutter (Cameo 3) ,an inkjet printer like Epson Workforce 7110 (A3 size) and also a heat press!
For material JPSS by Neenah ,ink the original Epson pigment ink is really good and also vinyl !
Equipment cost approx. 700-800€
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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