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I'm thinking about jumping into DTG printing with the Anajet ri 6000. I am a graphic designer with a part time home-based screen printing business (very basic 1 color screen prints using fabric dye instead of ink). I mostly create baby onesies and toddler tees, I have a few lines of tees with youth and adult sizes. I'm always asked if I can do custom designs and I want to be able to say yes. But my current process it doesn't make $$ sense. I'm also kind of itching to add multiple colors to my designs.

I initially was thinking about the small Ri100 unit to just print my own line of designs and the few custom requests I get. But worry about the restrictions and speed.

Talking with the gentleman from Anajet, he told me about the Wonderland program with their Ri6000 machine where you (after being accepted) can receive orders from companies like zazzle.com to print what they can't handle. Anajet pays you weekly per print. Doing these orders helps additional revenue to pay for the machine and then I'll also use the 6000 for creating my own designs.

My questions are, is anyone on this forum involved in the Wonderland program?? Anyone else heard of it? Am I crazy for considering this long term commitment in a Ri6000? :)

Any advise or experience you can share is greatly appreciated!
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