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JPSS and Red Grid

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I'm just getting started and thought I'd share my experience for any of you that may be trying to decide what paper to get. I ordered the sample pack of Light Inkjet Papers from Coastal and so far I've had the opportunity to try out both JPSS and Red Grid(both come highly recommended in this forum). After printing out the designs, I laid them side by side and noticed immediately that the black on the Red Grid Paper is truer(darker) than on the JPSS. I also noticed a slight grid texture on the Red Grid whereas the JPSS is more even. The same was true after printing them onto some white 100% cotton Gildan T's. The JPSS does have a little softer hand. Although the difference is noticeable side by side, they both came out great and I don't think you'd be disappointed with either paper.

If you want a darker vibrant black, go Red grid.

For a softer hand, go JPSS.

Printed on: HP Officejet 6500A Plus using Normal quality setting and standard inks that came with the printer.

I hand trimmed the excess paper around the edges(I haven't dropped the $ on a vinyl cutter yet).

Heat Press: Hotronix STX20 - 16"x20"
For JPSS: 365 degrees for 30 sec. and a repress for 5 sec. using silicon sheet.
For Red Grid: 350 degrees for 20 sec. and a repress for 5 sec. using silicon sheet.


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Hello thanks for the post. what about other colors like red did it print darker on red grid.
zsmith - you're completely right on the mark. JPSS is going to give a softer hand and Red Grid will give a more vibrant color. I'm glad to hear the samples worked out well for you.
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Anyone else try red grid using color images with good results, does it hold up good after washing many times?
Good review =-------- One thing to consider is if that printer uses the 920 Carts, the Black is pigment and the colors are dye based. I use jpss and make sure the paper you buy is setup for your ink type.One brand will absorb the ink differently than the other. I have not used the Red Grid yet. For me my printer is all pigment inks . Jpss pops on my printer. Also having a color profile makes a different . Ive gotten over 20 washes on mine and still looks new.
I am curious on the Red Grid tho. Is it a CS brand or Neenah etc?
The grid you are talking about is the weave of the t-shirt. Initially it depends in the pressure you used. If you don't use enough pressure you are not likely to see much "grid" but your transfer peel will be harder abd the transfer may not wash as well and can crack. You want to see some grid that means the transfer is deeper in the fibers and not merely sitting on top. Once the shirt is washed and the emulsion layer is rinsed away you gonna see more grid anyway. With JPSS you need heavy pressure, should be hard to close the press.
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