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Joto Paper and Epson Printer

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Hey everyone, just got everything about to happen here...A few questions though. I did a sample with Joto Inkjet light premium and when i pulled the transfer off, it left quite a noticeable clear area where i never cut off close enough. Is there anyway to improve this? Also, my waranty on my C-120, they sent me a Workforce-30. Is this printer any good? Thanks !
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I am not sure about your printer. As far as the transfer paper, you will see a window around the image where the polymer window is. Usually after washing it gets less but it wont go away completely. I know there are different papers and that can also have an effect as some are better then others. The most popular light color paper here is the jet pro soft stretch. I would try samples of different papers and see if one has less of a window around the image then another. The most effective way of eliminating it is to trim really closely around the image.
Joto has poor customer service will not recommend them!
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