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Hello, My Name Is Jonathan… I’d like to first start off by saying thank you for taking the time out to read this message and I really hope that your company will take into consideration the business proposition in which it intels. Myself along with a few close friends have become colleagues in a business venture we developed about 2 years ago. The name of our company is: TeamUs and we also go by our party promotional name: TheBottleBoyz… We specialize in event planning of any kind as well as creating themes and promoting personal company affairs providing comfortable, fun, and mature atmospheres in which people can come out and celebrate accordingly. Over the course of the last 2 years we have collectively done many events both personal and business in the Illinois/ Chicago area and have obtained a plethora of resources in which we can with distinguished confidence accomodate any event.
The reason we are reaching out to you is because we are looking for a dependable company to provide us with Shirts in which both our company as well as there company can be advertised within and outside of our scheduled events. We also have female models who represent our company and would be more than pleased to help represent yours as well, not only just at our events but in general upon agreeing to do business. We will advertise during and outside of business affairs in exchange for Company T-shirts to supply our workers during functions and gatherings. We are "not looking for any monetary assistance" what so ever just a joint business venture in which we exchange multi outlet advertisement in exchange for T-Shirt Sponsorship. We have alot of events both personal and for clients set for this year and would love to promote your company. If you would be interested in having a more in-depth discussion for any of our up and coming events please email us at the provided email: [email protected] and lets further discuss a business venture together! Again thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you very soon.

President of Team Us/ BottleBoyz: Jonathan Johnson
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