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I hope it's OK to post this job listing here - I searched and found other job listings in this category, and didn't see any better category. Please let me know if this is not OK and I'll take it down. Maybe there could just be an "Industry Jobs" section under classifieds?

Anyway, please take a look!

Printfly.com, a top national web-based decorated apparel company, is seeking a Screen Printing Process Manager.


The ideal candidate will be excited about the prospect of transforming a capable production department into an industry-leader in print quality. Candidate should be an excellent critical thinker and troubleshooter, work well with others, be capable of working independently, take initiative, be tenacious and inventive in overcoming obstacles, all while remaining enthusiastic and positive.

Applicants must possess strong skills and significant experience in screen printing process control. They must have working knowledge and experience with optimizing all variables of screen printing, including:
- Preregistration systems
- Mesh selection
- Emulsion choice, coating technique, and stencil thickness
- Stretching mesh on retensionable frames and choosing appropriate tensions
- Squeegee durometer, pressure, angle, and speed
- Flood speed and pressure
- Off contact
- Press calibration and maintenance
- Wet on wet printing
- Halftone and fine line printing
- Ink mixing systems
- Achieving proper cure
- Polyester printing
- Using specialty inks

Additional familiarity with Print and Cut Vinyl, Cut Vinyl, Direct to Garment Printing, Dye Sublimation, and Embroidery could be useful.

We expect strong candidates would come from a background as production managers, operations managers, small shop owners, setup and troubleshooting technicians, or even extremely skilled and ambitious press operators. Anyone with proven experience and deep technical knowledge of screen printing could be a strong candidate.


This job will consist primarily of:

- Optimizing all factors affecting our production quality and speed.
- Establishing new procedures as necessary to improve production.
- Training staff on high quality production practices.
- Monitoring conformance to these new methods and procedures.
- Troubleshooting jobs on press.
- Coordinating with other departments for end-to-end improvements to quality, speed, and accuracy.
- Performing testing and experimentation for further improvements.
- Assessing and recommending new equipment.
- Quantifying and tracking production quality.
- Staying abreast of the state-of-the-art and industry best practices.

It is also important to say what is NOT your responsibility with this job, which is:

- Scheduling jobs for production and making sure they ship on time.

If you’re coming from the immense daily stress of being a screen printing production manager, here is an opportunity to skip that and concentrate on the fun side of screen printing. If you don’t think achieving a phenomenal quality print is fun, then you’re not the right candidate.

Work Environment

Printfly.com is a large and rapidly expanding leader in custom apparel. We are an exciting, growing company with upward mobility, an open culture, and a focus on results. If you have ambitious plans and great ideas, we will not hold you up, we will support you in implementing them.


Printfly’s Headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

To Apply

Contact Tom:

t.ingling [at] rushordertees [dot] com
or call:
800-620-1233 x 251
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