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I need a short term job performed and am willing to pay well for it. I've posted on forums and a freelance site but I can not seem to get my issue solved. I need a custom PPD created/modified for a WorkForce 7010 Linux driver. I'm hoping someone can help or even point me into the right direction.

What I need is the ability to print a 1) Custom page size with the 2) with borderless printing option. The problem is that on the WF-7010 series printers, I can either do a custom page size and loose the borderless option all together (regardless of the size, even if manually set to a standard size the option for borderless is no longer available), or I can choose a Standard page size and therefore use the borderless option. The problem is that I can not do both.

I've tried playing around with customizing windows to include custom page sizes, I've tried using similar drivers in windows and a few other things with no avail.. so I moved to using CUPS on Linux, specifically Ubuntu. I've been able to Modify the drivers PPD file to include my "custom" page sizes as a standard one but the printer fails to print. I believe I'm missing something, so I need someone familiar with PPDs.

That's basically it, I believe if I get a valid and working PPD file created then I will be able to do what I need to and that is all I ask.

If you're interested please let me know and I can provide you with much more information, including the PPD file that needs modifications and the one that I was working on. Also, you should not need my specific printer to test, if you can modify the file then I can test it. Also, the PPD will be the same for any WF-7XXX series printer so if it works for you using that class, it'll work for me.
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