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Jetpro softstretch for lights strange problem with bleed- need help- angry customer

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I am new to heat press transfers so sorry if I sound silly. I am using a china-cheap press set at 190 C, HP printer-vivera ink or sub- 50/50 pocket polo- transfer is small lettering on pocket. I made him 10 shirts for his work. he says he gets them very dirty working outdoors. 1st wash no problem. 2 wash he says 1 shirt the colors bled but not the other shirts now says 2 have bled but not fade or cracked. swears he washed them in cold but we live in desert so cold is not so cold this time of year.
I used the same transfer on 100% cotton and off the same printer and washed 5 times- no bleed very little fade no cracks. I soaked it in hot water and still no bleeding-only difference is the one I washed was at 1000 resulution not 300- does that matter? now he wants me to redo the shirts for free. help
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Is your ink pigment? It's the only thing I can think of. I use JPSS all the time with no problems even washing in warm water and drying in hot dryer. I post press for 8 seconds to "set" the ink and give it a smoother feeling.
I do alot of heat press work and I have some bleeding off and on.....Has he tried to wash the shirt again to see if the bleeding will come out? I have also had trouble with people using Iron Out in their wash to help with hard water....9 times out of 10, the bleeding will wash out....I havent had any yet that wont.....You will also have some who put them on right away and in the process of them sweating in the summer heat will bleed before they wash them, but also comes out....

If anything the 1000 setting should have bled MORE.....

Hope this helps.....Try to rewash them and repress them with a teflon sheet over the design if you can....
One other thing to try is extra pre-pressing of the shirts. I usually press mine 2 or 3 times (8 seconds each) to ensure that moisture and chemicals are out of the shirts.

Yes make sure your using pigment ink and pre pressing Ive never heard of post pressing imm gonna try that one :) Also are you lint rolling just courious?
I don't think my ink is pigment. I have read that only epson is pigment? and then not always? I am prepressing and prewashing and hot dry for shrinkage. also use the lint brush when needed. I try not to bring the shirts into the house cause I have cats but I use the lint roller when I do bring them in.

On the post press what cover are you using - teflon or plain paper? if teflon - my teflon sheet has a shiny side does it matter which side is facing the graphic?

aside question - was thinking of getting new printer any ideas on which?

Thanks so much
Okay I solved your problem you need a pigment ink!!!

Try cobra ink they have a lot of printers with a pre installed INTERNAL cis that has free shipping and is already filled with pigment! I love the workforce 1100 from them its 250 bucks.... full of ink with free ship! And epson sells it for 199.99 so its like 50 bucks for a internal Cis!
If your thinking of a new printer, by all means go with Cobra. You know the system will work right out of the box and save tons of money on ink. The only way to go. IMHO :)
HAHA me and you should be like sales reps for them or something! Because we keep recommending it! Just kidding

I still can't believe they aren't a preferred vendor! they should be by now!

Rodney were are you!?

Can we make them a prefered vendor!?
I'll second that Kyle!!
ok I am not the sharpest utinsil in the drawer but.. I tried to go to cobra.com and they don't sell printers. oh and speaking of not the sharpest - I have an epson workforce 310 and can get pigment ink for it-wanda ya know. still like the 1100 or the 1400? how can I get to this cobra site? thanks
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